Snail-Mailing Paper Plate Letters

On this Saturday with a bit of whimsy, we are looking at Snail-Mailing Paper Plate Letters.

My blog post topic for today began with looking for a round shaped card stock. I’m not wanting to cut out a circle but already have one done for me.

Next, this led me to select a few paper plates from the stack of white paper plates I already had here at the house.  Think of the 9″ white paper plates, i.e. 50 count pack for a dollar.

Image of The Home Store 9″ White Paper Plates, 50-ct. Packs

The question begs itself with the sending options:

  • As a letter in an envelope.
  • As a letter without an envelope which actually makes it a big postcard.
  • And I could make it like a fold-over note with the message inside and address on the outside.
  • And don’t forget the format is great for putting an inspirational quote on the plate too.
  • As far as postage, once I’m’ done with writing and creating them, I’ll take over to the Post Office and get the proper postage – and will know for next time – and I’ll share here too.

It was interesting to come across a posting from 2012 at Swap-bot to Mail a Paper Plate; their focus was only mailing without an envelope and advising postage at package rate. Swap-bot has been around since the summer of 2005 facilitating group snail mail and internet swaps.

This is going to be fun!   See if you don’t find yourself looking around your picnic supplies and having fun being creative with our letter writing this weekend!

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Snail-Mailing Paper Plate Letters Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today — 

Image above 9″ White Paper Plates

Swap-bot MAIL A PAPER PLATE!! February 29, 2012-March 14, 2012


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