New Year 2017 Incremental Letter Writing

On this first day of January, we welcome New Year 2017 Incremental Letter Writing here at!

If I were to select one focus word for 2017, which I am, it is incremental.  The impact from daily incremental focus – even if for small amount of time can have huge results.  With that said for 2017 looking at making more of ‘best of intentions’ with our letter writing aspirations into realized action.

Today I am offering a quick exercise.

One) List your closest family and friends you would like to write at least once this year in 2017.  It is okay to pull out your Christmas card list for looking at it to not miss anyone. For extra credit if you want to notate more than once how many times ideally to write each person indicating next to their respective name.

Two) Go back through and list those important to you would like to remember their birthday(s) in 2017.

You will probably have a cross-over between One and Two.

Three) Get out your calendar – print, and/or digital format.  Notate the dates from above

We will look in coming days at organizing a monthly look-ahead kit we make for sending off in snail-mail and/or using ecard services.

“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.” – Cavett Robert


2017 Calendar Observations

These are just a few observations for our calendar planning 2017.

  • This year will find Easter arriving later – it is on Sunday, April 16
  • July 4th will be on a Tuesday.
  • And both Christmas and New Year’s  will be on a Monday.

Wishing you a joyous and Happy New Year 2017!  


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