Ode to Dad’s Model Airplane & Balsa Wood Postcard Aeroplanes

Seeing the images of Balsa Wood Postcard Aeroplanes this morning, I’m reminded of my Dad and one of his hobbies was building balsa wood model airplanes with radio remote controls.
This letterwriting novelty item – Balsa Wood Postcard Aeroplanes – carries a price tag of less than $6 at Amazon as part of their add-on program. It costs a LOT less money than what Dad’s hobby expenses ran with his model airplanes!
Balsa Wood Postcard AeroplaneFeatures include:
  • “Postcard that turns into a plane!
  • Made from Balsa Wood
  • Measures 22.9 x 0.1 x 11.4 cm
  • Send home your message for them to assemble!
  • A unique gift idea that brings design into postcards”
One of the reviews described it as “Birthday gift for aviation enthusiast”. Almost all of the reviews note how delicate it is and suggest padding it with an envelope for mailing it.

I’m still recalling the day of the famous maiden flight of his prized model airplane to watch it soar high, and higher to then catch a wind draft and away it flew never to be seen again!

Dad’s attitude was great about it, time to get back and start work on the next one!
Here’s to having a fun Saturday and making time to work on our hobbies, make that – making time to work on letter writing related hobbies!
Anchors Aweigh,


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