2017 USPS Delicioso Forever Stamps Now Available

We can now combine being a foodie with these USPS Delicioso Forever Stamps issued yesterday, on April 20, 2017.

With our letter writing it is always fun to add some whimsy to our envelopes and to be able to be expressive with these new stamps makes for having variety! I’m already looking at what stationery to pair these stamps with when my order arrives.

“Bright and Playful” USPS Delicioso Forever Stamps 

These 49c one-ounce Forever stamps come in a booklet of 20 stamps. Each booklet features six dishes showing “an array of Latin American culinary traditions that have found new life and variations in the United States.” 

“With the release of the new Delicioso Forever® stamps, the U.S. Postal Service celebrates the influence of Central and South American, Mexican, and Caribbean foods and flavors on American cuisine.”

The six different stamp designs found in each book of stamps contain: four of tamales, and flan. And three each of these: sancocho, empanadas, chile relleno, and ceviche.

This photo from the First Day of Issue Dedication Ceremony yesterday. They were designed by first-time stamp artist John Parra.

I’m already placing an order online for my first set of these festive stamps.  Happy Friday! 

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