Miriam-Webster Philately Stamp Collecting Definition

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Miriam-Webster Philately Stamp Collecting Definition
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Did you happen to see Sunday’s The Word of the Day for Miriam-Webster Philately Stamp Collecting Definition?

Happy Tuesday! Thank you to AnchoredScraps.com MyThreeMuses, Ellen, who shared the email with me inspiring today’s blog post.

If you are new to reading my daily blog which encourages letter writing you may have come across stamp collecting terms which today helps with some baseline stamp collecting related information.

In their article it goes into the definition of philately with some examples.

“Definition: the collection and study of postage and imprinted stamps : stamp collecting”.

I especially enjoyed their “Did you know” section.

“Who wouldn’t love something tax free? George Herpin did. He was a French stamp fancier back in the 1860s, when stamps were a fairly new invention. Before stamps, the recipient of a letter—not the sender—had to pay the postage. Stamps forced the sender to foot the bill, and created a lot of stamp lovers among folks on the receiving end of the mail—and a mania for stamp collecting. Timbromania was toyed with as a term to affix to this new hobby—from the French word for stamp, timbre. But when Herpin suggested philatélie (anglicized to philately), combining the Greek root phil-, meaning “loving,” with Greek ateleia, meaning “tax-exemption,” stamp lovers everywhere took a fancy to it and the name stuck.”

Be on the lookout this week to see if you see other examples of letter writing definitions we take for granted!

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