Awareness 2017 Canine Influenza Virus

Today’s blog post is for awareness of the 2017 Canine Influenza Virus and to consider the dog flu vaccination for the dogs in your family.

Think of my post today as a Public Service Announcement (PSA).  There are several email blog subscribers here who I know personally have a dog/dogs and was sharing a link with one of them yesterday about the dog flu outbreak that includes North Carolina.  Thank you, Susan, for encouraging me to include a blog post about the Canine Influenza Virus for awareness. For any letter writing today, I will be sure to include a handwritten note with a print of today’s blog post and will be sending to her in the snail mail. I’ll have more on that conversation at the end of today’s blog post.

The WTKR June 12 article, Dog flu outbreak spreading in North Carolina by Todd Corillo, includes Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment, Containment, and Consideration for Event Venues.

“RALEIGH, N.C. – A deadly dog flu has already killed two dogs in North Carolina and it continues to spread throughout the state.

According to the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, the virus is highly contagious with 80% of all dogs that are exposed to the virus contracting it.

As of Monday, the NCVMA confirmed there have been cases in Carteret, Rockingham and Wake Counties, as well as in Davidson, North Carolina. There’s also a suspicious case in Wilmington, where the symptoms are present, but confirmation is pending.

All of the infected dogs so far either contracted the virus at a dog show or contracted it from a dog from a show.

Dog shows in Perry, Georgia, Florida and Missouri have been the initial source of the virus so far. ..”

And from this June 07, article from Veterinary Practice News

“States with confirmed H3N2 currently are Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Guestimates are that 300 or more dogs have been infected with H3N2; approximately 30 to 40 have been confirmed via lab diagnostics, and several confirmed fatalities have been confirmed. Some states appear to have only a few sick dogs; others much more. H3N2 continues to occur in California, and many argue that H3N2 is endemic in the Chicago area.”…

My suggestion is to do a google search in your area and check with your veterinarian to see if any cases are reported for affecting your area.

We have proactively had our dog vaccinated. In addition, we are waiting for him to get his two-week booster AND plan to wait a week afterward prior to his returning for any daycare and/or boarding. The boarding kennel day care place we love so much has a note posted about the Canine Influenza at their checkout counter. They have added the vaccination to their list for any dogs that will be in their Day Care.

Now for the rest of the story with sharing the link with my friend yesterday, a fellow Dog-Mom. Her google search after reading the article found a mention of the Canine Influenza where she lives out of state. Her next step was going to be to reach out to her veterinarian to see if she should bring her two dogs in for the vaccination.  She’s going to keep me posted!

For those of us with a dog/dogs in our family, I hope today’s topic has been helpful. Thank you Dog-Moms, and Dog-Dads for proactively taking today’s blog post into consideration.

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. I’m off for my morning routine with Cooper prior to starting my work day! 

Canine Influenza Virus Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today – 

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