Aspects of American Postal History by Peter Martin

With it being Sunday and having a little more time to spend reading my blog post this morning, today we are looking at Linn’s Stamp News article review by Charles Snee on a new book by La Posta Publications on Aspects of American Postal History, Edited by Peter Martin.

Aspects of American Postal History Edited by Peter Martin

The 224-page volume has contributions from ‘Sweet 16’ Philatelic Writers.

Earlier this week I came across the article reading a hard copy of Linn’s Stamp News magazine, ‘Sweet 16’ group of authors educate, entertain in new volume about American postal history. Someone had brought their July 3, 2017, (Vol. 90, No. 4627) copy of the weekly magazine to the stamp club meeting to share and it is most appreciated.

The review by Charles Snee is what piqued my interest so much with his weaving through items he enjoyed reading so much in this new publication.

Image from Linn’s Stamp News of article by Charles Snee on ‘Sweet 16’ new book on La Posta Publications: Aspects of American Postal History

You really want to read the entire article by Mr. Snee. I’m ordering this book and am truly looking forward to reading it.

“Martin’s passionate advocacy for the many splendid wonders of collecting postal history spurred him to gather a select group of 16 authors whom he asked to contribute an original article focusing on a particular area of interest.

The resultant output of these respected philatelic writers, whom Martin dubbed the “Sweet 16,” is now gathered in a new book hot off the La Posta Publications press: Aspects of American Postal History.

All of the articles, in their current form, appear in the book for the first time. According to Martin, four of the articles are either “updated” from or contain part of a feature previously published in La Posta.

In a nod to the rightward shift of the age bell curve among La Posta readers, Martin acknowledges in his introduction that “efforts must be made to recruit new and younger members into the speciality.”

“It is with that thought in mind that the idea for this book had its beginnings,” he writes.

Postal historians of all abilities and interests will be grateful Martin brought his idea to fruition in this splendid compilation.”

“Aspects of American Postal History is available for $65 plus $5 shipping from La Posta Publications, Box 6074, Fredericksburg, VA 22403. For more information, contact Peter Martin via email.”

Thank you for joining me today. Wishing you a Sunday filled with hopefully a few minutes to write a few letters today!

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Linn’s Stamp News: ‘Sweet 16’ group of authors educate, entertain in new volume about American postal history, June 19, 2017, 7:00 PM By Charles Snee. @CharlesSnee. Images above, and excerpt.






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