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With today’s date of July 07, 2017, it is perfect for translating to 070717 with Summer Camp Writing Coded Letters. We are looking at two really nicely done articles one at KidsActivitiesBlog, and one at UpParentingCreek.

Yesterday our topic was on Everything Summer Camp Postcards Camp Grams. Today is a natural continuation of Summer Camp Letter Writing Theme!

Over at KidsActivitiesBlog there is an article from 2013 on “5 SECRET CODES FOR KIDS TO WRITE A CODED LETTER” by Rebecca Darling.

It gives details and examples for each one:  “1.  Reverse the Words; 2.  Half-Reversed Alphabet; 3.  Block Cipher; 4.  Read Every Second Letter; and 5.  PigPen. “

This is a link to read the entire article.  She concludes her article – “We practiced writing our names and silly words before moving to coding whole sentences.   The letters and messages you can write can be fun, but make sure you send along a key so the recipient can figure it all out!”

At the UpParentingCreek site, Maggie McMahon has written: “Summer Camp: 5 Letters to Write to Your Kids” which includes The Coded Message Letter.  Thank you to Maggie for her referencing Rebecca’s article in her post as that is how I found Rebecca’s article I mentioned above.

Maggie shares how she groups her Summer Camp Letter Writing.

“Over the years, my letters can be lumped into 5 main themes:

  1. The “I’m Proud of You” Letter
  2. The “Goals for Camp” Letter
  3. The “Nothing’s New at Home” Letter
  4. The “Update on the News” Letter
  5. The Coded Message Letter”

Here’s to having fun with Summer Camp Writing Coded Letters this weekend – just be sure to include the Rosetta Stone somewhere for reference in case needed by the recipient!

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