100th Anniversary National Parks Postcard Set

Receiving a notecard from a Pen Pal today was perfect timing for this blog post on the National Parks Postcard Set.

One of my Pen Pals wrote me while on vacation sending a Petrified Forest National Park note card – Thank you to Kathy!

This National Parks Postcard Set I have been looking at for a while and am finally ordering it!

100th Anniversary National Parks Postcard Set

As you may have figured out by now I love postcards!

There are 59 postcards in the set, with price listing of $21.00. There is also a paperback, and a coloring book by the same publisher.

National Parks Centennial Stamps released
USPSStamps.com Image National Parks Forever Stamps.

In my blog post last year, we looked at the National Parks Centennial Stamps released. It was coinciding with the National Park Service Centennial turning 100 on August 25, 2016.

I’m looking forward to receiving this in the mail. Happy Saturday! 

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Image above upper left of National Parks US Postal Service @USPS @USPSStamps 47c Forever Stamps  First-Day-of-Issue June 02, 2016
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