“Yours Ever – People and Their Letters” book

Today’s letter writing focus is on the book, Yours Ever – People and Their Letters, by Thomas Mallon.

First of all, it was last September when I ordered this nonfiction hardcover book. It was with my best of intentions to read upon its arrival. Alas, a year later I’m remiss in not having read it yet. Last week, my newest book I had ordered arrived, Men of Letters WWI book by Duncan Barrett.  This morning in rearranging the bookshelf area for queueing up what to read, there was the book Yours Ever – People and Their Letters calling my name!

Yours Ever – People and Their Letters,
by Thomas Mallon

It was published in 2009. In the Introduction Mr. Mallon begins with sharing his initially thinking the book would come out in 1997. In looking through the pages I can see why it was not published until later given the time it would require with his careful attention to detail.

“A delightful investigation of the art of letter writing, Yours Ever explores masterpieces dispatched through the ages by messenger, postal service, and e-mail.”

The book is organized around nine chapters, each a specific category. I’m listing them here: Absence, Friendship, Advice, Complaint, Love, Spirit, Confession, War, and Prison.

Looking at the Selected Bibliography and Index as a glimpse of what the book contains, it conveys to me a wealth of information he has carefully made sure to reference. It has me wanting to dive in and read! For my letter writing enthusiast Pen Pals (who are also coincidentally avid readers), here is a book to consider getting at the library or picking up a hardcover version for your bookcase.  Happy Monday!

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