Inspiring Christmas Jars novella by Jason Wright

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Inspiring Christmas Jars novella by Jason Wright
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We are looking at the 2005 Inspiring Christmas Jars novella by Jason Wright.

First of all, this was a brand new discovery for me coming across it earlier this week.

Inspiring Christmas Jars novella by Jason Wright

The novella fits true to its definition with it being a little longer than a short story in length.  It was an inspiring Christmas story; I was able to knock it out reading it in a two-day span this week, after work and in writing this daily blog post.

For me, with wanting to read it in preparing to write today’s post, I went ahead and read the Christmas Jars Collector’s Edition Kindle Edition. Having now read it, I’m going to order a paperback of it too for having on hand.

“Christmas Jars has sold more than half a million copies worldwide and was a New York Times best-selling novel. This beautiful hardcover collector’s edition contains the complete text of the best-selling fictional holiday favorite as well as more than twenty true, inspiring stories of people who have experienced the Christmas Jar miracle in their own lives by either giving or receiving an anonymous jar full of coins.”

And from the Author’s website, we read the following.

“Hope Jensen is a young, single woman and an aspiring newspaper writer, and when she receives a much-needed but anonymous Christmas gift, she’s determined to find her benefactor. That search leads her to an unusual family with a longstanding Christmas tradition. Sensing a front-page feature article, Hope desperately wants to publish their story, but doing so would be a breach of trust. What she decides to do will change her life forever.”

It will be fun to see if you find yourself looking at your loose change differently in the year ahead! Join me tomorrow for my Wednesday blog post.

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