Letter Writing Thoughts on Frequency vs Length

On this rainy Saturday, I’m sharing my Letter Writing Thoughts on Frequency vs Length. Be sure to join me tomorrow for a special Sunday blog post; it is about a unique letter-writing treasure a special friend has sent me on loan.

Let’s get started! First, today’s post is a bit more reflective than usual. It is one I’m wanting to be sure we cover prior to reaching milestone daily blog post #1,200. Today is daily post #1,179.

Antique clock with pile of mailSecondly, I’m going to be updating my AnchoredScraps Personalized Note Template for letter writing originally debuting here on  July 07, 2015; and appearing again on June 12, 2016. Be on the lookout soon for a downloadable pdf that I’ll be posting.

It was a delight to hear from a Pen Pal on Friday, updating me on all of their Spring 2018 activities. There was mention of having received not only a postcard and also my recent Personalized Note Template with my latest hand written highlights.

What I’m finding is better to be sending frequent correspondence with key points over letter writing once in a blue moon. There are still the cherished tradition of a great sitting down and hand writing a six-page letter catching up with a friend. They are the most precious of pen pal letters; however, I’m also happy hearing from the same person with a quick handwritten note. Furthermore, receiving a postcard, or even a newspaper clipping with a sticky note is fun. The treasure is seeing pen meeting paper and there was the mailing of the correspondence.

As we wrap up, I’m hoping today has found us completing home projects taking advantage of the rainy weather; it could be making time to binge watch a favorite show or catch up on a favorite book. (I’m refraining from the obvious call for hoping there was any letter writing done too!) On Monday we’ll be covering the National Stationery Show 2018, which begins tomorrow, May 20 and runs through May 23.

Here’s to encouraging us to have a rotation of regular letter writing to dear ones putting pen to paper more frequently!

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