Letters to My Incredible Dad Read Me When Box

As we head into Father’s Day weekend, we are looking at the Letters to My Incredible Dad Read Me When Box (Fill in the Love); it is by the publisher Knock Knock. It came out in June 2017. 

Letters to My Incredible Dad Read Me When Box by Knock Knock

“Create a treasure trove of fill-in letters for your awesome dad. Simply fill in the blanks on eight situation-specific missives, seal them in their corresponding envelopes, and present the whole package in its keepsake box. The letters can then be opened at just the right moment in the future to provide your personal thoughts and encouragement.”

While the above description states there are eight, it is showing in the details there are nine cards and envelopes in the 7.25 x 4 x 1-inch box. After unfolding the letters, each are measuring  6.75 x 10.5 inches.

It includes “… scenarios like Read Me When I Don’t Listen to Your Advice.”

Perhaps when sealing your Father’s Day card this Sunday, you’ll include one of your favorite Knock Knock punchlines! Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana!

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