Letter Writing Options with Pencils.com Gift Guide

Letter Writing Options with Pencils.com Gift Guide is how we are kicking off our Wednesday morning, June 20, 2018. When thinking about letter writing instruments how often does it find us reaching for our pencil instead of a pen?

If Pencils.com sounds a little familiar they have been featured in two previous blog posts of mine during the past three years.  It is fun noting among my pen pal letters, I have two handwritten letters from them – both of them in pencil.

This is clickable image linking to Pencils.com Pencil Buying Guide


There are several items at their site worth noting, and we will conclude with their Pencils.com Gift Guide.

To begin with, you will want to start with their Pencil Buying Guide (clickable image above).

Next, the email in my inbox from Pencils.com yesterday caught my eye, they were sharing about The Puzzle Pencil by Blackwing. It is their Blackwing Volumes – Vol. 10001 (12 Pack).

In addition, while at their site visit the personalize pencil page for ordering your custom pencil; it can be personalized – deciding on imprint type, imprint color, and barrel color. There are even paw print custom pencils available!

Letter Writing Options with Pencils.com Gift Guide & Pencils 101 Resource

Especially of interest is the Pencils.com Gift Guide page. It has categories for Gifts for Artists, Writers, Makers, Exclusive Blackwing Items, Kids, Executives, Small Gifts, and Musicians.

This is a clickable image linking to Pencils.com Gift Guide page.

Furthermore, there is their Pencils 101 resource that is fascinating to pour through getting a glimpse into a wealth of pencil information.

This is a clickable image linking to Pencils.com Pencils 101 Resource

At Pencils.com there are many categories of products. In addition to pencils and personalized pencils, there are also notebooks, sharpeners, erasers, mechanical pencils, coloring pencils, and gifts. And they have their blog too.  Have fun exploring the graphite options available for our letter writing – enjoy!

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P.S. Today is daily letter writing blog post #1,211.

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