My Top 5 Benefits of collecting local postcards

Today we are looking at the benefits of collecting local postcards!

With having just dropped off the last of our visitors at the airport, the benefits of having my collection of local postcards came in handy!

Before we get started, I’m sharing this insight from working on my slides for the upcoming WordCamp Birmingham; writing today’s post finds me working on brevity with writing! And yes, you guessed it, it is appearing here with a shorter, but nonetheless apropos post!

Here then are My Top 5 Benefits of collecting local postcards!

  1. You do not want to wait until you NEED them to go looking for them. Have you looked recently? I’m finding fewer stores carrying truly “local” postcards specific to us, not just the entire State of North Carolina.
  2. It will save you time. Restock when “out and about” in the future.
  3. Your guests will appreciate your kindness in sharing.
  4. You and your guest save precious visiting time with pulling from your collection.
  5. It will save you money.

I’ve got a local place that I’m still finding local postcards, no kidding, five for one dollar!   And I include the oversized postcards that can run over a dollar each in my collection too. It was interesting to see out of six postcards selected yesterday, three were from each price grouping.

Beach Music and 2017 Seashells Postcard stampsFor extra fun include some of the Forever Postcard stamps with your stash you are sharing; living here so close to the beach, the Seashell Postcard stamp was perfect!

Best of luck to you, and have fun with beginning or adding to collecting local postcards!


Anchors Aweigh,


P.S. What I’m exploring next is the creation of my own with favorite local photos of mine. Stay tuned!

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AnchoredScraps On presenting at upcoming WordCamp Birmingham 2018  7-16-2018; Beach Music and 2017 Seashells Postcard stamps 1-28-2017




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