Discovering Joe’s Antique Post Office Banks

It is fun Discovering Joe’s Antique Post Office Banks today.

“The Historic Coin Banks on this website are created from authentic post office box doors dating back into the 1800’s.  Craftsmen took pride in designing and producing these doors and I take pride in saving them by creating a beautiful historic coin bank that can be handed down to future generations.”

Clickable image linking to AnchoredScraps March 1, 2015 post, March Right Up.

“Great Gift for all occasions and all ages!”

One of my very first blog posts back on March 1, 2015, included this image of our own post office bank. It has been in our family for many years. You’ll notice I had put the AnchoredScraps logo on it in the image.

Today is my daily blog post #1,240! Ten to go to #1250!  Have fun exploring Joe’s Antique Post Office Banks!


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Joe’s Antique Post Office Banks website, image, excerpt

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