The Art of the Paperweight, Boston & Sandwich Glass Company (2017)

It is a treat to find this 2017 book entitled: The Art of the Paperweight, Boston & Sandwich Glass Company. They are perfect for having on our letter writing desk and/or area to enjoy their beauty.

One of my local friends helped introduce me to the first five paperweights in my collection, it was several years ago.  Since then my paperweight collection has grown from the original five to now over 12. How I came to get each paperweight is what makes for fun stories to reminisce about when letter writing with the giver individually.

One recent paperweight addition to my collection was from a family member passing on a paperweight that has been in the family, making for a great birthday present! In addition, another paperweight recently came into my collection from a stamp club buddy passing on a beloved paperweight! The loving care it has enjoyed is obvious when looking at it, especially with the sunshine streaming onto it! Each of these “newer” paperweights has made for great additions, especially when recalling their stories.

The Art of The Paperweight book by Mr. John D. Hawley

You’ll want to read the entire About the book, especially for its background. I’m sharing a portion of it here. Pricing for the 8×10 format book is $35.00.

“… In 2011, he authored The Art of the Paperweight, The New England Glass Company which quickly became the authoritative resource on the subject.

Now in his new volume, The Art of the Paperweight, The Boston & Sandwich Glass Company, the author shares with us his latest findings. Hawley clearly reveals the Sandwich style which was unlike the New England production of sophisticated designs and colored overlays. Sandwich paperweights with their fanciful flowers and artistic freedom were geared towards the middle class.

The famous glassworker, Nicolas Lutz, emerges as the major maker of Sandwich weights. Containing new charts, new photographs of weights, and additional close-ups of canes, the publication is the definitive reference on paperweights made at the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company.”

See if you don’t start seeing paperweights when out running errands! In conclusion, we’ll want to be on the lookout for these collectibles, especially if you find yourself out at a tag sale, garage sale, and/or moving sale!


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