Sharing Fierce Kindness Boxed Postcards

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Sharing Fierce Kindness Boxed Postcards
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The newly arriving Sharing Fierce Kindness Boxed Postcards by Melanie Salvatore-August is our focus today. With writing a daily blog encouraging letter writing it is a delight to come across these joyful and motivating postcards. 

Clickable image linking to Fierce Kindness on her website

Over at her website, it shares she is:  “Mama, teacher, author and kindness activist, Mel has taught yoga since 2005.”

Her hardback book, Fierce Kindness came out last year. 

Sharing Fierce Kindness Boxed Postcards

The publication date for the Sharing Fierce Kindness Boxed Postcards was less than two weeks ago on August 14, 2018.

Sharing Fierce Kindness: Boxed Postcards

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“Send missives of love and encouragement! Twenty delightful postcards featuring four different tidbits of wisdom allow you to inspire those near and far.

  • Premium boxed stationery set comes with 20 postcards
  • Postcards measure 5 inches wide by 4 inches high.
  • Each postcard features an encouraging saying.
  • Postcards come in a clear box with a sticker closure.”

Thank you for joining me today. I’m especially looking forward to receiving and sending these postcards with my letter writing! Join me tomorrow for my Saturday blog post.

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Fierce Kindness

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