New Week and In Praise of Sticktoitiveness (using sticky notes!)

This morning we are greeting the new week In Praise of Sticktoitiveness (using sticky notes!)

Happy Monday!

I’m mindful of how doing the daily habits we have does add up making a difference.

This past Friday it was suggested for my quick scribble notes (that did not quite make it into my food journal), that instead of using a random sheet of paper, to keep sticky notes nearby and use that to then affix to the journal page – that way it is there later when more time to fill in the details.

Merriam-Webster Sticktoitiveness

Next, from the Merriam-Webster page for stick-to-itiveness we read the definition: “dogged perseveranceTENACITY“. In addition, synonyms include decisiveness, determination,
purposefulness, and resolve.

To Do Lists: A book of lists for organizing & simplifying your life Paperback

Furthermore, seeing this paperback from 2015 encouraging the use of sticky notes (Post-It Notes) has a suggestion in its description that even if we do not purchase the book just yet is helpful.

Image Book Cover – To Do Lists: A book of lists for organizing & simplifying your life

“… So I designed my own book, small enough to keep in a computer bag, purse, backpack, or car, and with all the categories I need, plus some extras that others might need. I use Post-It Notes or similar type separators for the sections I use the most, such as “Pets To Do List,” or “Online Shopping To Do List.” Then I can easily flip to that section to fill it in and check it off when done.”

As we wrap up, I’m recalling one of my dear Pen Pals mentioning using sticky notes with letter writing – will have to ask for more details for sharing here in a future blog post.

Thank you for joining me today. Here’s to a great week ahead and sticking to our goals, including letter writing goals!

Anchors Aweigh,  


Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today

To Do Lists: A book of lists for organizing & simplifying your life Paperback, by Jory Ames, affiliate link; image, excerpt

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