USPS American Landscapes Postcard Set

On this Saturday morning, we are looking at the USPS American Landscapes Postcard Set. I’m taking a break from doing some Saturday morning heavy cleaning in the kitchen and finding myself thinking of the scene with Chevy Chase in Vegas Vacation singing O’Beautiful at the Hoover Dam while I write today’s blog post!

Back on July 4th, the O Beautiful Forever Stamp came out and I’m discovering the USPS was also issuing this USPS American Landscapes Postcard Set.

USPS American Landscapes Postcard Set

What really catches my attention is when I go online at USPS to order more of the O Beautiful Forever Stamp, Scott Item 565300, it is not found. I’m going to have to find out from my stamp club buddies how one finds out if a stamp is out of stock.

The set of 20 with the stamps included is $24.95, it is USPS SKU 565366. The shipping was $1.25 when I was ordering it today.

USPS American Landscapes Postcard Set“Share America’s natural beauty with 20 maxi-ready 8 x6-inch postcards and a sheet of 20 O’Beautiful Forever® stamps.

These oversized First-Class™ rate postcards are perfect for mailing or framing as a keepsake.

Made in the USA.”

And yes, here’s a link to see Chevy at the Hoover Dam. Happy Saturday!

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. For some reason I thought the scene of Chevy Chase singing it was while he was in the movie Vacation from 1983 and the station wagon went sailing through the air; however, it is the Hoover Dam scene from the movie Vegas Vacation from 1997. One has to love my walking casually in and asking my husband, “hey what scene was it with Chevy Chase sailing through the air singing O’Beautiful” and then casually going on about with things.
His quick reply reminded me of “going to the mattresses” being recognized from The Godfather, in the movie You’ve Got Mail. Thought you would enjoy this P.S. about the normal behind the scenes from writing my daily blog!

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