Giving a Year of Letters Christmas Gift Idea

I’m hoping my blog title today of Giving a Year of Letters Christmas Gift Idea has your attention! As we begin the last week of November 2018, I’ve been thinking about gifts from the heart for the Holidays this year.

This Christmas Season I’m suggesting we look at the gift of sending letters throughout the year to the recipient. One of the reasons I love Thanksgiving so much is the lack of commercialization for the event itself. 

My suggestion for Giving a Year of Letters Christmas Gift Idea is a gift of creativity;  your budget will love the combination of being frugal with giving from your heart!

Giving a Year of Letters Christmas Gift Idea for 2019

It could be as simple as wrapping this present which is a beautiful envelope that within says “this is a gift of twelve letters in 2019 from me to you!” Then within every month, next year send one. At the back of each one, write #1 of 12; #2 of 12, and so forth.

This next part is very important: follow through and write and send them in a timely manner!

A time saver and helpful approach for the execution of this idea would be to gather up the stationery and items you plan to use, and GO AHEAD AND NUMBER EACH of them. Also, keep a log of when you sent each one!

And go ahead, throw in one with the famous, ‘written on a sheet of lined notebook paper’ into the mix! It doesn’t have to be dressy stationery.

On a personal note, this year I’ve begun doing this; however, instead of for Christmas, it has been for the giving of two very special Birthday presents. It was the gift of committing to sending one letter per each year of age for two special family members. This means one of them is 29, so it means I’m sending 29 letters between one birthday to the next from me! In this case, it is spanning 2018 into 2019. By the way, I’ve offered to both of them a special prize for redeeming at the end of the year if they can present ALL letters from me. Of course, my plot is encouraging the keeping of the letters I’m sending!

I would be remiss if I did not give a shout-out to one of my AnchoredScraps muses for inspiring today’s blog post idea; the surprising delightful present of receiving for my Birthday this year the number of cards equaling my age for my Birthday!

There are, of course, can be many variations on Giving a Year of Letters Christmas Gift Idea. My point is it is a gift from the heart, priceless, and probably a favorite among the many gifts the recipient will receive.

If you decide to give this gift I hope you’ll share with me that you are doing so! I sincerely believe it to be a special gift and wish you much success with planning your Christmas gift giving this year!

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