Vectoria Designs Vintage Ephemera Envelopes printable

Discovering the Vectoria Designs Vintage Ephemera Envelopes printable is reminding me of a combination fold and mail note with a nod to steampunk. Back in September, we were looking at their Steampunk Envelope & Notebook Printable.

The compact design and being printable is giving a new look to dress up our letter writing. With InCoWriMo 2019 having less than a full week to go, it is a fun stationery option for considering using with our letter writing. At the end of today’s post, I’m including a fold and mail stationery post from during InCoWriMo 2017, on Treetop Tidings Fold and Mail Stationery Stationery.

Vectoria Designs Vintage Ephemera Envelopes printable

VectoriaDesigns Vintage Ephemera Envelopes printable
Image VectoriaDesigns

Over at VectoriaDesigns on Etsy, item VDENEP0812 is currently on sale for $2.75 instead of $5.50.

“Printable Ephemera Envelopes in 4 different designs. Good for gifts or those secret messages you want to deliver…

What you actually want to know:
° 4 high quality (300 dpi) envelope images on two 8.5″ x 11″ sheets
° each envelope is about 3.5 x 2.5 inch (when folded) 
° both JPG and PDF…”

When looking at the design of the Vectoria Designs Vintage Ephemera Envelopes printable, it is bringing to mind a raincoat poncho I have that folds up into itself – into its pocket and is in its own small zip bag. In this case, the sheet of paper we write on then gets folded around and with tucking it in becomes its own envelope for mailing – a fold and mail stationery.

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P.S. Today is Day 22 of InCoWriMo 2019! 

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