Knock Knock Office Supplies Paint-by-Number Postcards Kit

The Knock Knock Office Supplies Paint-by-Number Postcards Kit is catching my attention. Do we even recall the last time any of us were painting by number? And to find this for combining with sending out postcards among our letter writing pursuits is unique and fun!  At the end of my post, I’m sharing the reason why the Paint-by-Number idea came to mind for today’s blog post.

If the Knock Knock line is sounding familiar, this is a link to the Send Some Friendship Postcard Books blog post I wrote back on 9-16-2016.

Knock Knock Office Supplies Paint-by-Number Postcards Kit

I’m seeing January of 2017 for when the release date of this item.

“Kits inspired by vintage paint-by-number sets mean anyone can be an artist—really! Use the enclosed paints to fill in the numbered areas on each postcard, and you’ll have twelve mini-masterpieces that you can send, or keep for yourself. We won’t tell.

  • An artsy partnership with crafty jack-of-all-trades Robert Mahar
  • Why color when you can paint and send Knock Knock notes?
  • Paint by number for adults (but creative kids can try ’em, too!)
  • Kit includes twelve (12) 4 x 6-inch postcards (2 each of 6 designs); 6 paint pods; paint brush

Furthermore, check out their full listing of Knock Knock Paint-by-Number Postcards; there is one with the theme of Sweet Treats and the other for Cocktails.

As we wrap up, we are continuing to make progress with getting the house back into pre-Hurricane Florence condition. It is encouraging to be wrapping up the week with having met and securing the painter who will be painting, and the outlook is the first part of May, with the hardwoods flooring to follow after that, and then the final touches with cabinets. With the steps of 1 – 2 – 3, and with painting planning in place, paint by numbers it is for us today!

Join me tomorrow as we kick off the new week here at AnchoredScraps!

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P.S. Today is blog post #1488! The countdown to AnchoredScraps #1500 daily blog posts continues!

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