CycleMiles Bicycle Greeting Cards Includes Tandem Timbergram PostCard

The CycleMiles Bicycle Greeting Cards, PopUp Cards, and Postcards too include the Tandem Timbergram PostCard.  The expression, third times the charm, applies to today’s blog post as this makes three days in a row with bicycles with letter-writing aspect for us. I’m including at the end of my post the links to the other two in case you are just now catching all three.

CycleMiles Adventure Cycling Store – Art of Cycling Gallery – Gifts for Cyclists

At the CycleMiles website, it is showing a concentration of bicycling cards and postcards among the gifts for cyclists.

Seeing the many Holidays, and Birthdays among the categories within the CycleMiles Bicycle Greetings Cards has me including them today.

The Tandem Timbergram Card listing price is in pounds, at £3.95. Please note, at this point with using the shopping cart, I’m still figuring out even though it is listing a currency conversion for US Dollars, I’m still figuring out if I can order from the U.S. online.

Clickable image linking to the Tandem Timbergram Card at CycleMiles

Enjoy exploring the CycleMiles Bicycle Greeting Cards!


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