USPS North American Frogs Forever Stamps 2019

The new USPS North American Frogs Forever Stamps made their debut yesterday. They are available in a book of 20 for $11.00 with four stamp designs.

You will note there are four North American frogs showcasing – the Pacific tree frog, the northern leopard frog, the American green tree frog, and the squirrel tree frog all with a primarily green color palette.

In the USPS News article yesterday, Postal Service Celebrates Four American Species it begins with the following:

“BOISE, ID — The U.S. Postal Service today issued new Forever stamps featuring digital illustrations of four North American frogs. The First Day of Issue event took place at the   Morrison Knudsen Nature Center, Boise, ID.”

Furthermore, it provides a very thorough background on the four species of the North American Frogs they are featuring in the USPS Frogs Forever Stamps.

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Clickable Image Linking to 680104-L1 USPS North American Frogs Forever Stamps 2019 #FrogStamps

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USPS News July 9, 2019, Frogs Leap onto Forever Stamps

680104-L1 USPS Postal Store Frogs Forever Stamps 2019

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