Royal Retro Classic Manual Typewriter Mint Green

The Royal Retro Classic Manual Typewriter is available in Mint Green, Purple, and Red.  Recently I have begun considering adding a new albeit Retro typewriter to my growing collection of typewriters.

First, the model number referencing today is the 79101T for the 17 pounds weight Royal Retro Classic Manual Typewriter. In looking at the pricing, the Green color is having the highest premium (Amazon pricing here) with $259.98, the Purple (79119q) is $254.99, and the Red (79120q) is $164.05.

“A true “wireless device” the Portable Classic Manual is perfect for on-the-go authors!”

  • “Royal Classic portable manual typewriter includes storage case and manual
  • Sturdy retro metal housing for durability
  • Pre-installed black/red ribbon, and paper support bar
  • Full size keyboard, 44 keys, 88 symbols and Pica 87 font
  • Spacebar repeat key, variable line spacing and ribbon selector
  • Impression control, tabulator key, margin stops, space repeater, and 11” maximum typing width
  • 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty, imported”

Furthermore, I’m including this product description on the typewriter.

“In 1904, in a small machine shop, two men produce their first Royal typewriter. Their guiding principles of innovation and quality are the foundation of their company and products. And now today, Royal resurrects the Classic! The Royal Classic Portable Manual Typewriter features all metal construction, a wide 11 in. carriage, 88 characters, and a black and red nylon ribbon. It’s ideal for those who prefer a nostalgic décor, a retro look or an escape from digital technology…”

Also, in looking at the pricing, I know I can find a “real” vintage one for less money; however, it is the repair aspects for “local” being so hard that has me considering something new. This I already know is a long future blog post with much more research to do prior to posting my findings. In the meantime, seeing a new retro manual typewriter available finds me thinking Red for the choice given the pricing difference.  Stay tuned!

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