Simple Act of Gratitude Stationery Set

I’ve been looking forward to writing today’s post about The Simple Act of Gratitude Stationery Set Thank you notes; also about the book by John Kralik and an audio author interview from NPR in 2010. The uplifting story I’m hoping finds making a difference for us. Also, I conclude with the latest USPS Forever stamp issued yesterday, and Free Card Friday reminder day over at Hallmark.

In researching today’s post, one of the things I’m continuing to have is my admiration to one of my Pen Pals. She successfully writes letters daily for a year to friends and family!

Simple Act of Gratitude Stationery Set

When first coming across it over at PeterPauper of the boxed note cards, the Simple Act of Gratitude Stationery Set includes talking about the author and book with it.

“In the New York Times bestselling book A Simple Act of Gratitude (also known as 365 Thank Yous), author John Kralik reveals how writing 365 thank you notes changed his life. From strengthening his personal relationships to bettering his business, simply taking the time to write out and mail brief notes of gratitude made it all possible.

Now you can discover John’s story and launch your own life-changing journey! This unique Simple Act of Gratitude kit includes specially-designed correspondence note cards and matching envelopes from Peter Pauper Press you can use to write your own thank you notes and personal messages. You’ll also find an abridged account of John’s transformational experiences, and his tips on writing thank you notes, to help you on your way…”

Furthermore, earlier this morning yours truly has already ordered the set from Amazon, for $7.99, less than the MRSP of $14.99.

NPR Audio Interview with Author

Below is the NPR audio interview which you can read along with the transcript here.

Simple Act of Gratitude Book

Over at the Simple Act of Gratitude – about the book website page by Author John Kralik, it includes the following excerpt.

“A Simple Act of Gratitude is a book that tells the story of an inspiration, the writing of 365 Thank You Notes, and how my life was changed by the people who received them.

In December 2007, I had reached what I viewed as a nadir in my life. While my life seemed full of debts and disasters, I ached for the things and the security I felt I deserved. On January 1, 2008, as this dissatisfaction pervaded my thoughts, I took a walk in the mountains above Pasadena, where I was inspired to write one thank you note a day for the next year.

Although it took more than a year to complete the writing of 365 thank-you notes, I continued writing them until 365 were completed…”

New USPS Forever Stamp Woodstock 50th Anniversary

Before closing, a few things for us. First, the USPS first day of issue was yesterday for the 50th Anniversary Woodstock Forever Stamp are available for purchase.

Secondly, Free Card Friday continues at Hallmark, stop by for your free Just Because card.

See you tomorrow!

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