Season Finales and New Locations

My thoughts are on Season Finales and New Locations. With writing a daily blog, the titles can get interesting and can reflect what is going on IRL (In Real Life).

New Locations

First, we are beginning with how much fun it was meeting at our new location last night for the Wilmington Philatelic Society. My sincere thanks to Shelly Holt. It was a great time. The Scrap and Design Center made us feel right at home.  There was plenty of space and perfect for conducting our club auction. Also, we have two members we are recognizing for achieving Lifetime Member status!

Secondly, if you find yourself with the upcoming Thanksgiving Day itself meeting in a new location or a change in how celebrating the day, you are not alone. I’m finding it helpful expressing my gratitude in sending letters and cards with the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.

Season Finales

As far as Season Finales, I’m having to be mindful of television Fall Finales when watching any episodes the week before Thanksgiving. I find myself thinking; “What do you mean the To Be Continued episode of Chicago-PD from this evening is in mid-January?” In a day where binge-watching has become more commonplace, having to WAIT for the next episode reminds me of ‘how it used to be’ and not that long ago.

Before wrapping up, sharing it has been a wonderful day with having TWO handwritten letters greeting me in my inbox. I’m still working on getting out Thanksgiving Day cards and pushing myself to have them out by Friday into the snail mail. Furthermore, I’m going to look at scheduling some ecards too for Thanksgiving.

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Wilmington Philatelic Society

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