KellyBoyettArt Mardi Gras Mashup Postcard

On this Fats Tuesday 2020, the Mardi Gras Mashup Postcard by KellyBoyettArt is a colorful celebration perfect for sharing with a favorite letter-writing penpal!

KellyBoyettArt Mardi Gras Mashup PostcardBefore beginning, my sincere heartfelt thanks to the several AnchoredScraps buddies (& email blog subscribers) who have been testing out the new website layout that debuts here tomorrow!

KellyBoyettArt Mardi Gras Mashup Postcard

First, there is this description on the 4 x 6 postcard glossy card stock.

“Mardi Gras Mashup” is a digital collage of features from 9 different Boyett paintings, making one busy piece of extraordinary Nola madness!  

The postcard is $4 each and shipping is free to the U.S. 

Next, check out the beautiful kellyboyettart portfolio of original artwork and commissions.  The site also features categories of LIVE EVENT PAINTING, MIXED-MEDIA, and MURALS.  Enjoy!

In closing, it continues to amaze me God’s timing along this daily blog journey. I’m recalling those first few weeks blogging here that it was already in the midst of Lent. And here we are coming full circle with tomorrow being Ash Wednesday.

Thank you in advance for joining me tomorrow as we celebrate AnchoredScraps Five Year Anniversary Blogging Daily.  The friends “old” and those new friends (some met in person, and some only known through our handwritten pen pal letter writing) continues to be a joy! This is definitely something I’ll be writing about and sharing in my letters for quite a while.  See you tomorrow!

Anchors Aweigh,  



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