These USPS Stamps Retiring March 2020, 31st

There are several USPS Stamps Retiring March 2020, 31 I’m seeing in today’s Postal Bulletin.   Of particular interest is the Butterfly stamp from 2016 perfect for mailing oversized cards, and the stamp Honoring First Responders from 2018.New Butterfly Square Stamp  

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These USPS Stamps Retiring March 2020, 31st

In the table below, I’m including the links to the AnchoredScraps blog posts we previously were covering these stamps as they were issued.




$1.00 Patriotic Wave


(70c) Eastern Tailed-Blue (Butterfly)


$7.35 Joshua Tree Priority Mail®


$25.50 Bethesda Fountain Priority Mail Express®


$7.35 Prepaid Priority Mail Envelope


(Forever) Honoring First Responders


(Forever) Lunar New Year: Year of the Dog

The fine print I’m seeing includes the following:

Effective close-of-business March 31, 2020, all Post Offices, stations, branches, postal stores, vending outlets, and authorized philatelic centers must: Completely withdraw the stamp stock items listed in the table and their related vending and store-prepared stamp items from sale, and prepare them for destruction.”

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Postal Bulletin 22540, 02-27-2020

AnchoredScraps as listed above for blog posts on Eastern Tailed Blue, Honoring First Responders, and Lunar New Year: Year of the Dog


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