Cardthartic Boxed Notes, Stationery Trends Magazine Winter 2020, & Congratulations to Adam Silver for The kitchensinkWP Podcast Six Year Anniversary!

Discovering the Cardthartic Boxed Notes Stationery and Cards today is a great way for kicking off the first week of March 2020. In addition, the newest issue of Stationery Trends Magazine Winter 2020. And we have a shout-out recognizing a great milestone today for a WordPress buddy!

Congratulations The kitchensinkWP Podcast Six Year Anniversary!

First, Congratulations to Adam Silver celebrating the SIX-YEAR Anniversary since launching his weekly podcast, The kitchensinkWP today! 

Every Monday morning, my email inbox has an email greeting me with his timely podcast on WordPress News and tidbits. If his name is sounding familiar, he was included in my blog when we were both speakers at WordCamp Birmingham in 2018. 

You’ll find yourself enjoying his whimsical nod to the opening to the Six Million Dollar Man TV Show when listening to the opener for his podcast each week!

Cardthartic Boxed Notes Stationery and Card

Today while looking at the latest issue of Stationery Trends Magazine the design jumped off the page catching my attention of this card by Cardthartic.

Over on page 72 of the Stationery Trends Winter 2020 issue is an image of this Cardthartic card design, 70013CF_Outside, one of over 700 designs.

“Never Underestimate the difference you make”.

Cardthartic Boxed Notes

Next is design #4050-1005 from their website. In addition, I’m loving seeing it also available as a frameable print and there are magnets and other fun items too. 

“If Home is where the heart is, May this be where yours beats most fully”

Cardthartic Boxed Notes

Stationery Trends Magazine

Finally, if you are wanting to give yourself a wonderful visual treat be sure to look at the digital magazine of Stationery Trends. Furthermore, pull up a chair and enjoy browsing along with a hot beverage seeing so many letter-writing stationery goodies!

Here is a clickable image linking to the entire online Stationery Trends Magazine 2020 Winter issue.

Congratulations again to Adam Silver!  

We are now on week two during Lent and I’m looking forward to the first of five weekly lunches tomorrow locally. See you tomorrow for my Tuesday blog post.

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kitchensinkWP Podcast, “Everything WordPress Except The Kitchen Sink”


Stationery Trends Magazine

AnchoredScraps WordCamp Birmingham 2018 WrapUp & don’t miss Adam Silver podcast airing tomorrow August 5, 2018



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