Henry Dreyfuss Desk Telephone Stamp 2011 Forever

The Henry Dreyfuss Desk Telephone stamp from 2011 is a stamp I am not recalling ever seeing when first debuted. 

Think of the “Polaroid SX-70 Land camera (1972)”, or Princess and Trimline telephone from years past.

First, this is the 2011 Pioneers of American Design sheet of 12 USPS Forever stamps. Something I have been learning from my stamp club Jimmy, is about the Scott numbering. Here the entire sheet is Scott #4546, whereas the individual stamps from it get an alphabet, as in the  Henry Dreyfuss – Desk Telephone Stamp, Scott #4546f


#4546 – 2011 First-Class Forever Stamp - Pioneers of American Design

Henry Dreyfuss Desk Telephone Stamp

Henry Dreyfuss Desk Telephone Stamp
"Henry Dreyfuss: Desk Telephone – Designed the first upright Hoover vacuum and seating for John Deere tractor."

“… From the revolutionary development of telephones, to the ever-present round thermostat produced by Honeywell, Dreyfuss had a big influence on American lifestyles.  

In 1930, while working for Bell Labs, Dreyfuss designed the Model 302 phone – the now-instantly recognizable black receiver nestled on an angled base.  …

Other Dreyfuss innovations include the first upright Hoover vacuum and the first toilet seat shaped to the human body.  …”

Furthermore, Wikipedia lists among his designs the “Wahl-Eversharp Skyline fountain pen (1940), and Royal Typewriter Company’s Quiet DeLuxe (late 1940s)”.

Next, I’m including this envelope cachet from First Day of Issue, I love it is available for less than $4 at Mystic Stamp.

Fleetwood First Day cover Henry Dreyfuss Desk Telephone 2011 stamp, Mystic Stamp
This FDC cover for #4546 is listing at $17.95 at Mystic Stamp

Before closing, it is fun seeing among my box of analog items (that do not get thrown out), includes two AT&T Trimline phones. One of them with a 1987 date and both are touch-tone. Somewhere along the way, I bid farewell to my rotary princess from my college dorm days.  

See if you don’t have one or two of his designs in your home, and/or garage in a box! It can make for some fun conversation at the next garage sale! 

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