Gold Star Mothers 1948 3¢ Stamp

Seeing the Gold Star Mothers 1948 3¢ Stamp seems ideal given it was just this past Friday we were Remembering 75th Anniversary VE Day 2020 (May 8, 2020).
In reading about the Gold Star Mothers 1948 stamp, I found its history perfect for sharing on this Mother’s Day 2020.  
Gold Star Mothers 1948 3¢ Stamp

Gold Star Mothers 1948 3¢ Stamp

First, there is this partial excerpt about the stamp.
“U.S. #969 was issued to honor mothers whose sons had been killed in war. It was the first stamp in eight years to feature women (or women’s organizations), and just the 11th stamp overall to do so.
 In 1917, Robert Queissner, an Army captain, designed a flag to honor the service of his sons in World War I. The flag had a blue star on a white field, with a red border. …
The flag took on a somber tone, when women whose sons died in the war began to sew a gold star over the blue one. ..
During World War II, women again began to display the blue star flags, often hanging them in a window to indicate a son or daughter was in service overseas. In January 1944, Tom and Alletta Sullivan of Waterloo, Iowa, lost all five of their sons after a Japanese submarine sunk the U.S.S. Juneau, on which they all served.
News of the family’s loss made national news. President Franklin Roosevelt sent a letter of condolence, and Pope Pius XII sent a silver religious medal and rosary. Later in 1944, a movie was released called “The Sullivans.” It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Two U.S. Navy ships have been named “The Sullivans” in honor of the family’s sacrifice.
When this stamp was issued in 1948, the first sheet of stamps was presented to Alletta Sullivan, as a Gold Star Mother.”

Next, as far as getting one of these stamps, I’m seeing mint stamps are available for fifty cents at Mystic Stamp. In addition, it is showing two First Day Covers for the Gold Star Mothers 1948 stamp, #969. The first one is selling for $2.50, and the second one $2.

#969 1948 3c Gold Star Mothers First Day Cover Plate Block of 4
#969 1948 3c Gold Star Mothers Classic First Day Cover

Previous Mother’s Day blog posts have included the 1934 Mothers of America Three Cents Stamp (May 12, 2019). One year it was on the 1948 movie, “I Remember Mama” (May 10, 2015) with Irene Dunne. 

Before closing, thank you for all of the well wishes and congratulations notes for yesterday’s milestone of reaching daily blog post #1900 and for the birthday wishes today. Join me tomorrow as we kick off the new week!

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