Whimsical Note Cards Smartphone Use & My New Flip Phone

Our theme today is a whimsical nod towards note cards acknowledging smartphone use. It is on my mind since I am now using a flip phone and no longer a smartphone, as of yesterday! More on that at the end of today’s daily blog.

The “No Cell Phone letterpress-printed notecard” by 12AcreStudio Etsy.

“I turned off my phone for you” SVG, funny shirt design for the person who actually turns off their phone, by SullyWorksSVGandCut Etsy.

This is “I Love You Almost As Much As You Love Your Phone” – Birthday card by WellBredDesign Etsy.

“Nomophobia digital download, no mobile phone print at home, funny typographic quote” by LoveArtsbyMichelle Etsy.

My new flip phone

With looking at time-stealers of five minutes here and ten there, I am really happy with one of the things I’m now doing. In giving up my smartphone with easy user interface, it is finding me happy with my choice for replacement. 

I am now using my new flip phone reminding me of a sense of nostalgia for Captain Kirk and Star Trek days when the episodes were first airing on television.


For thirty dollars I was able to purchase outright the ALCATEL MYFLIP™ (A405DL) for use on StraightTalk wireless. The reception in talking with Mom on the phone last night is fantastic. In addition, this is reducing my monthly bill from $45 to $30. 

One thing to mention, prior to deciding this course of action, one of the phones I did consider was on the other end of the spectrum with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Folding Glass Smartphone.

The interface with this Alcatel MyFlip phone makes it much more intentional when I’m using it. I’m wanting to spend more focused time actually writing more letters to very dear pen-pals, besides the daily blog writing and other projects I have underway. Join me tomorrow as we continue this daily blog journey together. 

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