Part 2 DIY stamps Brother Stampcreator PRO System

Today is Part 2 DIY stamps: Brother Stampcreator PRO System. In Part 1 yesterday we were looking at hand carving options.

Get ready for having some fun looking at the other end of the spectrum with a professional system for creating stamps.

Part 2 DIY stamps Brother Stamp Creator Pro System

Brother Office USA YouTube Channel: Brother StampcreatorPRO System

The first thing we are beginning with is an 8-minute video on the features of the Brother Stamp Creator Pro SC2000USB. This is from Brother Office USA 2012.


According to the location I’m finding with competitive pricing of $599, it is JMP.

My initial searches yesterday were finding it at $850, $800, and $750 at different sites. 

“Three Simple Steps to producing instant stamps with the Stampcreator PRO
Design the stamp on your pc using the included software…Expose the stamp…Assemble the stamp…”

Furthermore, they share the following about the MSRP.  “Brother’s suggested retail price on this system is $2,999.00”.

“With this innovative system, virtually anything you can view on a computer monitor can become a custom designed, professional pre-inked stamp. With Stampcreator PRO’s proprietary 600 dpi technology, anything is possible and everything is reproducible.”



Over at PtouchDirect, their Brother Stamp Creator Pro SC2000 (price of $749.99) come with: “SC-2000, Draft sheet holder magazine, Draft set for creation of up to 150 stamps, 5 stamps Software (CD ROM), USB & Serial Cable, Printing head cleaning pen, Instruction manual, Stamp correction pen.”

Please note, with referencing the different pricing for the SC-2000 unit, I have not done a comparison of the fine print between what each of their systems is containing – which could affect the pricing; however, at first glance, it is looking like the same package.


Before wrapping up, there is a stamp starter package, along with Starter Package Price List, and Supply Price List at the bottom of this JMP link. AND there is the View Full Literature 10 page PDF which one can download.

Brother StampCreator Pro Full Literature PDF cover page screenshot
Brother StampCreator Pro Full Literature PDF cover page screenshot

In looking at the system, it has a wealth of product handout marketing materials for it and appears to be well documented for support. 

This is one of those items that go on my ‘wish list’ for a future day – it is fun learning about its existence. I’m going to continue to keep an eye on it for any pricing changes too. With yesterday from hand carving to today with using computer technology for making our own stamps it is fun seeing these options. Enjoy!

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Brother Stampcreator Pro System Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today

Brother Office USA 2012 YouTube SC2000 Brother Stampcreator PRO System


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