Part 1 DIY stamps: hand carving

Today is Part 1 DIY stamps: hand carving. Tomorrow will be Part 2.  I’m looking at ways of making my own DIY stamps for letter writing embellishing.

Part 1 DIY stamps hand carving
Today is AnchoredScraps Daily Blog Post #1947

There are four items we are covering today; I’m including links to all of them too. 

Cuts And Scrapes YouTube Tutorials

We are starting with this 16 minute YouTube by Cuts And Scrapes on “Dollar Store Stamp Carving – the Dollar Tree Edition”.

Cuts And Scrapes Link to Dollar Store Stamp Carving

She does a really great job walking through how with less than ten dollars of items (majority of them from a Dollar Tree) she is able to make a stamp. It is amazing what she is able to carve out of a giant eraser!

While at her channel, you will see more of her tutorials on DIY stamps hand carving ideas.

KATA 5 piece Wood Carving Tools kit

KATA 5 piece Wood Carving Tools Kit

Next, there is a KATA 5 piece Wood Carving Tools kit craft knife set for DIY Rubber stamps (and other beginners crafts). It is $16. The safety features on it are really catching my attention. In addition, I’m including the obvious disclaimer here: I have not used any of these tools and please be careful. Each person must determine their own comfort level if decide to use it and/or any of these techniques on today’s blog post.

Close up view KATA

Speedball Speedy-Carve Stamp Making Kit

Our third item is the Speedball Speedy-Carve Stamp Making Kit. It is less than $12 over at Amazon.

From Speedball Speedy-Carve

… With this stamp making kit you will be able to create unique, long lasting stamps that are great for school and home activities. Included are one 6 x 4 inch easy to cut, flexible and non-crumbling 1/4-inch thick of pink speedy carve, one wooden handle, one Number 2 v-shaped line cutter tip, one Number 4 u-shaped gouge tip, tracing paper and instructions including several started templates and a complete alphabet… You will be able to clearly transfer images from inkjet printers, clip art and newspapers using a warm iron.

Speedball Speedy-Carve Rubber Stamp Making Kit linking

MotBach 4 Pcs 4x6 Inch Soft Rubber Square Carving Stamp Blocks

MotBach 4X6 at Amazon link

And finally, the fourth item is the Easy Carve Surface for Beginner and Professional DIY Crafts Making, Rubber Stamps Making by MotBach.  This one I’m seeing for less than $11. 

“Our product is designed with different color rubber layers, you can both carve easily and create fine details, the upper rubber layer can be uncovered… Package includes: 4 pcs soft rubber square carving stamp blocks”

With being at home more than usual these days, the idea of being able to have tools on hand for making my own stamps for embellishing is appealing. Join me tomorrow as we look at the other end of the spectrum with a professional system with pricing accordingly!

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P.S. As a reminder, each of the images is clickable linking to see full details of the item at the sources where I am referencing today

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