Welcome June USPS Butterflies notecards

We welcome June 2020 with these Butterflies notecards available at the USPS Postal Store online.

The final month of the second quarter begins today. It is also the final month of the First-Half 2020 for the calendar too.

While Father’s Day is less than three weeks away, today I’m wanting to celebrate finding this set of Butterflies notecards.

 “Send a note to brighten someone’s day with these Butterflies notecards.”

USPS Butterflies notecardss at USPS
The Butterflies Notecards Set at USPS

USPS Butterflies notecards

First of all, the pricing for the set of 10 butterflies notecards with envelopes is amazing to be just $3.99.
In addition, with the size of 5.7 x 4 it makes including a photo print in the notecards easy to do so.

The SKU is 843205 and it is showing a release date of November 15, 2019. 

Furthermore, there is the California Dogface 70 cents stamp I’m looking at using with these notecards. For the stamp think square envelopes, irregularly sized envelopes, greeting cards.  It is from January 2019 and comes in a sheet of 20 stamps, for $14.00.

Before closing, it would be remiss of me if I did not share, when trying out ordering just a set of the notecards just now, the shipping costs find me trying out different quantities to see how it impacts the price of shipping. So far, five boxes ship for the same price of $8.25 for shipping the one box. I’m really liking the notecards so probably ordering them sooner than later! Looking forward to our post tomorrow. See you then…

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