Dayspring Encouraging Words Postcard Book

The Dayspring Words of Encouragement Postcards Book contains 20 postcards of 20 designs. 

Earlier today a friend was sharing with me, in looking at the calendar – it is exactly ONE month from today AnchoredScraps will be celebrating milestone #2000 Daily blog posts!

Thank you to DaySpring A Book of 20 Encouragement Postcards<–At that link it is showing four group photos of five postcards each in it. Reading there are 20 different postcard designs in the set by DaySpring is great! My experience is usually when there is a listing of a set of postcards the total number is when counting two of each design.

Today’s post is probably one of my shortest blog posts from among the over five plus years writing here daily. I’m learning variable post lengths are fine! And for today, it is reflecting IRL (In Real Life) experiencing right after posting earlier then encountering a huge gray grid in Elementor.

P.S. Here is a screenshot while writing today’s blog showing the countdown to milestone #2000 – a month from today! The countdown is set to 2020-08-17 05:00.



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