Celebrating AnchoredScraps #2000 daily blog post Milestone Today!

We are celebrating AnchoredScraps #2000 Daily Blog Post Milestone today, August 17, 2020! It is with gratitude I’m writing as we kick off the new week. This morning is a bit longer in format, so if you have a few minutes, get your morning coffee, hot tea, diet coke, and/or water and enjoy!

First, Richard Porcelli has beautifully designed the third cachet for AnchoredScraps! He designed our first one when celebrating Milestone #1000, the second cachet for #1500, and todays for #2000! Thank you so much, Richard.

Furthermore, this is the cachet from Richard part of the postcard design which includes the beautiful AnchoredScraps photo by Brian Quinby photography. It is the genuine souvenir there was talk about last week which I said I would be revealed today. I’ve been sending to those who signed up for the AnchoredScraps snail mail list last week for receiving occasional mail from me. I’m getting the last batch of them out today.  Thank you again Brian for all of your support!

AnchoredScraps blog roll favorites letter writing blogs

Next, today I’m debuting my blog roll listing of my favorite letter writing blogs. These are kindred letter writing blogging evangelists encouraging sending snail mail!

We have covered all of them previously here except for one, which I’ll be blogging on in the near future. And that is the Rite while u can blog by Barb Marshall. Her website is fantastic and she has TYPEWRITERS!

Back on March 9, 2018 post, we covered the Letters and Journals blog by Pen Pal Jackie Flaherty! 

This summer (on June 30, 2020) included us looking at the Letter Matters blog, by Mrs. Duffy. And oh my gosh, her handwriting is beautiful! Both Jackie, and Mrs. Duffy have included AnchoredScraps on their Blog Lists for many years and continues to be an honor. Thank you again!

We have looked multiple years with InCoWriMo including referencing (February 1, 2020) A World of Snail Mail Forum. In a recent blog post by Mia, Musings of a letter writer, stamp user …. she shares about beginning the Forum five years ago!

There is the Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society blog, over the pond, from April 17, 2018 post. 

These two blogs we have covered before; however, they are not looking recent but I’m still including The Missive Maven, and 365 Letters.

Furthermore, I’m including The Letter Writers Alliance blog, by Kathy Zadrozny and Donovan Beeson; I still recall us celebrating here their 10th Anniversary, in my blog post on October 22, 2017.  Their farewell blog post was a year ago, on July 31, 2019. They have done an amazing job taking a year putting into place the LWA Archival site; it provides an archive for the member-based organization which officially they retired earlier this month on August 1, 2020.

With getting this blog posted first thing this morning, and getting the rest of the postcards out today, for now, the blog roll favorites are this listing. I’ll be subsequently creating a page putting onto the site all formatted.  In addition, I‘ll be sending a print of today’s blog to each of them on the list congratulating them on being included and I’ll be thanking each of them for their respective blogs.

Send in a photo of where your Genuine Souvenir Snail Mail Postcard arrived and I'll include in future posts

Here’s an image of the Genuine Souvenir Snail Mail Subscriber Postcard! This photo Caleigh emailed to me on Saturday all the way from Florida. I love her idea of posting photos of them sharing where the keepsake cards end up! 

Genuine Souvenir postcard AnchoredScraps #2000 Daily Blog Post Milestone

Since posting on April 5, 2019, Celebrating AnchoredScraps 1500 Daily Blog Post Today, there have been 16 Monthly Blog Recaps [April – Dec 2019; Jan – July 2020]. In February 2020 with five year anniversary, the new WordPress theme here I changed from Divi to Elementor Pro with OceanWP including all of the new images by Brian. And in March there was the prep for and first Zoom Meet & Greet!

With heartfelt thanks & gratitude as we celebrate AnchoredScraps #2000 Daily Blog Post Milestone today!

This morning I’m remembering Dad and how much talking with Mom on the phone over the weekend meant reminiscing about the journey of writing this daily blog to date. 

A warm welcome to new email blog subscribers!

My continued thanks and appreciation to Mom, Seth Godin, Mack Collier, Fran Powell, Caleigh Bird for her artistry insights, Brian, Richard, My Three Muses Ellen, Debbie, Tally; Vicki, Nancy, Susan, Jeanne, Suzanne, the team at Feedblitz Heather, James, Jen, Phil; Loretta, Karen, Pam, Christine, Cris, Sara, PEO girlfriends, Patti, AnchoredScraps email blog subscribers and Pen Pals, KA, Michelle, Cathy, Shelly, Scott, Joyce, WordCamp buddies, local stamp club buddies Wilmington Philatelic Society Jimmy, Bruce, Richard, John, Tim, Andy, Pawville; and family near and far, especially our family dog Cooper and my husband. 

Join me tomorrow as we trek towards daily blog post #2020 in the year 2020 – we will be having a prize drawing on that day! 

Anchors Aweigh,  


Added this screen shot photo of landing page showing countdown timer right after posting!



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