On spending time

On spending time each day and especially with Hurricane clean up upon us is our blog focus today and #1988 AnchoredScraps Daily Blog Post!

It is amazing how much goes on each day and especially when our daily routines are put on hold!

I’m hoping this finds each of you safe and doing well. Tomorrow we are twelve days away to Milestone #2000 daily blog posts!

On spending time

If you are new to my daily blog, over time you’ll notice at every 100 daily blog post milestone is the same quote of mine that I include. It is something I share in each of my WordCamp presentations, and most probably if we have done any letter writing, it is something that tends to make its way into a letter or two!

Here it is most recently from my Letter Writing AnchoredScraps 1900 Daily Blog Posts Milestone Today, May 9, 2020:

“Any Tendency for procrastination must be contained within 24 hours each day…because the timestamp is going to occur regardless.” – Helen Rittersporn, AnchoredScraps.com

Since my blog post yesterday several things are going on – most appreciated the electricity returning in the evening around 7:00 – 7:30 p.m. 

Furthermore, there is a BIG rock that is usually is covering the well in our back yard. Alas – is not to be found since Monday evening! Even though it was securely in place the wind got at such an angle to uplift it and off it went. Not only am I sad to see it missing, but the bunny family that was occupying it is also missing it too for its coverage and protection! Stay tuned on that one…
And most importantly, hearing from so many of you yesterday and today is very special and reaffirming to know where everyone is – there are still a few friends I’m hoping to connect with tomorrow.  Thank you for continuing to be on this daily blog journey with me.  See you tomorrow my Thursday blog post. Until then…

Anchors Aweigh,  








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