Fall time backups

Fall time backups is our timely topic today, especially as my main computer is STILL having mandatory windows updates made to it!

fall time backups

At this point, my windows updates are only at 27%, and this is after over six hours into the process! And it has now rebooted, again.

Having the realization of being kept away from access to my full desktop laptop and its routine for writing this blog (because of the windows updates running right now), I am grateful for my ‘backup’ computer allowing me to still write. What this means is I’m posting today’s blog from my small mini-laptop that does have a mini keyboard, a step up from usng all thumbs with an even smaller smartphone. It travels well too and can fit into my larger handbag. 

Fall time backups

With all of this going on, the thoughts of where I am with current backups comes to mind, with digital and analog. As far as the digital – this week I’m determined to run a full set of backups onto my 3T external harddrive to have ‘just in case’. I know we have the cloud; however, I still like having a full backup of all my go-to files locally

When was the last time we truly made sure all of our photos from the past year were securely backed up?  Furthermore, on the analog side, it is time to go through and make sure I’ve got a backup of my address book laying around the house and have the addresses from recent new pen pals correspondence.

Thank  you again for all of your warm wishes from Sunday’s blog post about my business website relaunch of its design. 

See you back here on Sunday. On a personal note, I’m still getting the ropes of new routine posting twice a week and not daily here at AnchoredScraps.

In the meantime, here’s to hoping all the windows updates to my computer are done by then!

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