Barns Postcards Stamps 2021 debuts today

There are four new Barns Postcards Stamps 2021 debuting today! It is part of the USPS releasing new stamps for their 2021 price change effective January 24, 2021. Don’t worry though, the first-call 1 ounce rate remains at the 55cent rate.

Barns Postcards Stamps 2021

In addition to the Barns, there is a Brush Rabbit for the 20-cent additional ounce stamp, and a new Priority Mail stamp for $7.95 Castillo de San Marcos.  

Barns Postcards Stamps 2021

Over at the USPS Postal Store, the Barns Postcard Stamp is available in a pane of 20 stamps ($7.20) and a coil of 100 stamps ($36.00).

In the USPS Postal Bulletin 22561, from 12-17-2020, Stamp Announcement 21-1: Barn Stamps it shares 

“Four new postcard stamps celebrate the beauty and history of American barns. The artist created digital paintings of four types of iconic barns found in the rural American landscape. With differing qualities of light and color, each piece reflects one of the four seasons: … round barn surrounded by the hazy light and warm colors of fall; …  gambrel-roofed barn in summer; … forebay barn in an early spring countryside; and … Western barn on a winter’s night.”

Furthermore, I’m including this link over to the USPS Postal News from January 5, 2021 about the “USPS Will Issue New 2021 Stamps for Price Change, Additional ounce, Priority Mail and Postcard Stamps Available Jan. 24″.  AND here, to see a summary listing of ALL of the items having a price increase, USPS Price Changes for January 24, 2011.

Before closing, this reminder – we have one more FULL week in January 2021 in front of us! A week from Tuesday is Groundhog Day (see my blog post on Round Tuit Resolutions 2021) along with this reminder if you were having any goal setting items to have done by then, we have one more full weekend prior to help get us through the finish line. Here’s to a great week ahead and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy these new Barns Postcards Stamps 2021!

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Attribution & Thank you to USPS Postal Bulletin, Postal News, and Postal Store, links above.



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