National Postal Museum Stationa Baseball Pictorial Postmark Extended

There is an exhibition going on at The National Postal Museum: “Baseball: America’s Home Run” which includes a Pictorial Postmark of it – what I love reading in the most current USPS Postal Bulletin is the date for requesting it has been extended another 30 days!

The exhibition at the NPS “explores America’s national pastime through the unique lens of stamps and mail”. It is from Saturday, April 9, through Jan. 5, 2025 and “…invites visitors to explore exciting and memorable stories about how the game of baseball became an integral part of American history and tradition.”

This postmark got extended 30 more days, so its still available for requesting.

This is the address for requesting:

April 6, 2022–April 6, 2023

United States Postal Service

National Postal Museum Station

Philatelic Sales & Service Associate

2 Massachusetts Avenue NE

Washington, DC 20013-9998

And here’s the URL for the National Postal Museum Baseball Exhibition online information


Your two-cents worth! Upcoming Postal Rate First Class planned for July 10, 2022

In case you missed it there is an Upcoming Postal Rate for First Class Mail. Here’s a link to the Press Release on it at the USPS Newsroom: “April 6, 2022, U.S. Postal Service Announces New Prices for 2022, Two Cents Increase for Forever Stamp”.

As we close out April 2022...

As we close out the month of April 2022 (with five Saturdays in April, April 30 is this Saturday) so next Sunday is May 1st!

It was wonderful opening the mailbox today and finding several Easter cards in the mail. With having dental surgery earlier this week, my face on one side is still a bit of a swollen chipmunk! and so had not been getting out and walking up to the mailbox.  With Cooper (in full bird-watching mode) and my husband this afternoon we trekked up to the mailbox and were greeted with a LOT of mail! Many thanks!

I’m determined this week to round up all of my notes I have in the queue and get them mailed out this week to close out April especially with it being National Letter Writing Month April 2022!  Even if you haven’t mailed out your Easter cards, go ahead and send them! 

Thank you for continuing to be on this blog journey with me. Happy last week of April 2022. See you back here next Sunday!


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