New Charles M Schultz Forever Stamps Celebrating Centennial, Pictorial Postmark too & Upcoming World Postcard Day October 1, 2022

Later this week on September 30, Friday, the new Charles M Schulz Forever Stamps arrive celebrating the centennial of the cartoonist birth. Also, upcoming — this Saturday is World Postcard Day, October 1, 2022! Wow! Talk about a long blog post title today!

There are 20 stamps with 10 different designs on the sheet for $12.00.  It is for SKU 561704 for the Charles M Schulz Forever Stamps.

And be sure to check out, available for pre-ordering on the USPS Postal Store site the Charles M Schulz “Peanuts” Fold and Mail stationery Set (SKU 561766). It is available beginning on September 30, 2022 for $21.95 each set. It contains 10 pieces of the stationery, 10 of the stamps and two sheets of stickers.

USPS Postal Store SKU 561766 Image

As of writing today’s post, here is a screen shot of the eight different items when searching I’m finding available for pre-ordering at the USPS Postal Store for the Charles M Schulz collection.

Charles M Schulz USPS Postal Store – all the different goodies I’m seeing can pre-order at the USPS Postal Store currently

Charles M Schultz Forever Stamps Celebrating Centennial Pictorial Postmark too

Furthermore, the next day on October 1, 2022 there is a pictorial postmark happening in Hadley, MA.  The current issue 22607 of the USPS Postal Bulletin for September 22, 2022 includes the address for requesting it United States Postal Service, Hadley, MA Station, Postmaster, 186 Russell Street, Hadley, MA 01035-0035.

It is hard to believe this is the last week of September! It is the last week for the outdoor summer pool zumba class; it is a joy getting to actively participate since Memorial Day all summer five days a week!  

Looking ahead – this Saturday is World Postcard Day October 1st!

World Postcard Day October 1 website screenshot, partial, taken September 25, 2022

Here is the link to the WorldPostCardDay website. And the price for a postcard first class mail these days in the U.S. is 44cents, in case you are figuring out how much to put on there if using some old stamps and not a Forever one!

Here’s to closing out the month of September, and Third Quarter 2022! 

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Attribution & Thanks USPS Postal Store, and Postal Bulletin; and World Postcard Day website (links all above referencing)



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