September 2022 Reflections

September 2022 Reflections is my blog title for today especially with it being such a rainy Sunday, think of them as possible letter writing prompts for the rest of the month! 

September 2022 Reflections

Dear AnchoredScraps blog readers,

For this post I’m going with a letter format, which I have done a few times over the past seven plus years. 

Today I am cognizant it was just last year with my post on this day having us look at the 20th Anniversary of 9-11. Add to that this week the milestone passing of the remarkable Queen Elizabeth II at age 96. 

With having so much rain this weekend, I find the image of the rain with Fall leaves in the blog post title card today perfect. 

September 2022 Reflections

First, in preparing for today’s post, seeing these three previous posts of mine for September 11, especially noteworthy as I still remember writing them. It includes this link to last year 20th Anniversary Cachet Remembering 9-11.

Next, in mentioning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, I was looking at some of my previous posts here at AnchoredScraps which have included referencing her.  It is absolutely remarkable to me to think of 70 years of her dedicated service. 

It is time for changing out my seasonal letter writing stationery this week along with home decorations

In addition, is it feeling like ‘back to school’ mindset for you this week? It is time to pull out the pumpkin themed wreath along with other home decorations. I’m putting up some of my more summer themed stationery and pulling out the more Fall looking ones. 

My Focus on Fitness includes Transition of two pools through rest of September

Lastly, the summer pool zumba is continuing through the end of September; it is fun still having perfect attendance to it!  I have begun an overlap of two pools as part of the transition I’ll be making from outdoor pool to indoor pool for Fall/Winter/Spring.  On Friday the water at the neighborhood pool was noticeably cooler; however, having the SUN shining on us in the pool makes it worthwhile!
Today even though lots of rain, I was able to get in my pool time INDOORS at the fitness center up the street. It was my first day using my new membership which I began on Friday. It said 31 laps equals one mile. I was able to get in 26 out of 31 laps in my hour. So I’m using that for my pacing metric for future visits. 

Thank you for joining me today! Will you be finding yourself mentioning any of these topics in your letters this month? Perhaps some of my September 2022 Reflections in this post can serve as letter writing prompts!

Before closing, a warm welcome to our newest email blog subscribers!  I’ll see everyone back here next Sunday with a topic I’m already working on and excited about sharing it!  In the meantime, I hope this finds you well and know that your letters to friends and family does make a difference!

Anchors Aweigh,  


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Attribution & Thank you to Wikipedia Elizabeth II



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