On discovering 50th Birthday BIC 4-Color Ball Pen assorted inks & Happy SnailMail Greetings March printable

Greetings today as we have my take on discovering 50th Birthday BIC 4-Color Ball Pen assorted inks & we have a Happy SnailMail March printable for downloading and using for free! With Easter a month away, see if you aren’t thinking of coloring Easter eggs seeing all of these fun color combinations with the BIC 4-color pens! Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy a few minutes with me today.

As a reminder, this coming weekend is Daylight Savings begins with setting our clocks an hour ahead on Sunday at 2 AM Eastern, March 12th, 2023.

Writing this post topic began Sunday morning with my stopping by the Dollar General and picking up a 4 color BIC pen which was promoting it having a purple ink in it. This was a departure from the classic black, blue, red, and green.

Of course with pulling it out to use and drop a snail mail letter to a dear pen pal found me then asking the question do they come in OTHER colors too?  This brought me to finding the set in my blog post title card over at ETSY with 50th Birthday on the packaging.  I have more details on it a little further below.

On discovering 50th Birthday BIC 4-Color Ball Pen assorted inks

The Original 4-color BIC

First, you’ll enjoy the short read about the “4-colour” BIC©: a timeless 50-year-old pen!, from 17 February 2021, at PlasticsleMag Innovation and Plastics Magazine. In the article it shares about its history including it launching in the U.S. in 1971, with the founder Marcel Bich having the idea for it in 1969.  

The image of the Original 4-color BIC I’m including is from Walmart.

At ETSY GingersMercantile it has for $19.99, the BIC 4-Color Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Med Pt. 1.0mm, Variety 7-pack; this is where I placed my order on Sunday for it, and they are showing 7 more in stock, along with free shipping.  

What is really nice is the BACK of the package is included in the listing and I’m including it too.

Back of the package image BIC 4 color 50th Birthday variety 7-pack


From their description it includes:

“BIC 4-Color Fashion Ball Pen provides four ink colors in one convenient design for a fun and colorful expression! Ideal for Bullet Journaling, color-coding, editing, and organizing copy, this pen allows you to choose between pink, purple, turquoise, and lime green ink with a push of a button. This BIC 4-Color Fashion Ball Pen has a 1.0mm ballpoint that is perfect for everyday writing activities.”

It is worth noting the BIC Store on Amazon has a lot of choices; however, the actual  BIC pens US website doesn’t seem to have the BIC 4 Color Ball Point Pen. You’ll want to visit their France site, https://fr.bic.com there are plenty. Again, the Amazon location for them 

In addition, I'm including some others available too with more color choices!

There is the BIC 4 Colours Ball Pens – Purple Pen Holder of 6

Also be sure to check out this set that contains: BIC 4 Colours Pens In A Special Metal Tin of 5 Pens, Includes mix of Shine and Bright Barrel Coloured Ink, Black, red, blue, green.

Again, this is another find at Amazon, lavender BIC 4-Color Fashion Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point (1.0mm), Assorted Fashion Ink Colors, Fun & Colorful, 4-Count

Happy SnailMail March printable

Here’s a free printable I have created for you. Just download, print, and use. Enjoy!

In closing, I’m really looking forward to receiving this set and getting to continue to explore the other offerings of the BIC 4 color combinations out there! The multi-colors have me thinking of Easter eggs! 

My plans are once my order arrives to get several photos of them to include in a follow-up section in a future post. So stay tuned!   

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Anchors Aweigh,  


Thanks & Attribution to BIC, Bic Store on Amazon, Walmart, PlasticsleMag Innovation and Plastics Magazine, ETSY GingersMercantile.



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