Celebrating the Finish Line & Next Steps

Dear AnchoredScraps Readers, Today we are Celebrating the Finish Line & Next Steps as my husband is officially retiring today! Cooper is off at dog camp and will be home later today to help join in celebrating. 

I’m hoping today’s blog post finds you well as we are wrapping up the month of July. A warm welcome to our newest blog subscribers. Our post is a little different today, however I would be remiss if I did not pause and share today’s excitement with you!

The past six months since my husband announced he would be retiring has flown by quickly. Not only is he retiring today, it’s also his birthday! Happy Birthday Brad! 

When you write a letter do you find it hard sometimes to really express from your heart? With writing today’s blog post I’m wanting to make sure to share how proud I am of his accomplishments and excited as we begin next steps. Currently we are deciding on some travel plans. It is an understatement to say the decluttering continues in our home – including that of my letter writing stash!

In other fun things happening, it is always a joy receiving snail mail! At the mail box last week was a real treasure from Pen Pal Kathy, Thank You! I’ll work on getting my reply out this week.

In addition receiving a POST CARD from Hawaii last week was a fun surprise, thank you Vicki! I’m always impressed when receiving a post card as I know it takes extra effort to send one while ON the vacation! 

It was fun getting to see everyone at the Wilmington Philatelic Society at our Christmas In July Picnic last week. 

I’ll be back next weekend resuming posting on my regular schedule of Sunday. Thank you for continuing to be on this blog journey with me. Here’s to a great month of August ahead!

 Anchors Aweigh,  




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