Hello Autumn 2023!

Today’s post finds me Saying Hello Autumn 2023! This weekend has us switching over from September to October. And along with it the cooler weather is wanting me to get pumpkins for our front door porch steps! 

Hello Autumn 2023_AnchoredScraps_blogpost#2229_2023September 30th

Long time, no post!

It is a delight to share that since my last blog post I have successfully had cataract surgeries on both of my eyes!

Along with it is an amazing unexpected delight I’m finding is NOT needing my computer glasses! In writing this post today, I am doing so WITHOUT my computer glasses, nor having to magnify my screen font size!

It is truly a joy to be seeing colors more brightly, and vividly. Everything is in focus and more crisp and clear.  I am very grateful for the fantastic medical care and how the recovery process has been going. I’m still in process and it looks like two more weeks until getting new eye glass prescription (details still to be determined….)

I’ve missed being here and hope this finds each of you doing well. In the coming weeks we’ll be getting back to looking at letter writing fun ideas, inspiration, and some motivation!

Here’s to a great month of October in front of us, … and November, … and December! As I close sharing, Hello Autumn 2023!

 Anchors Aweigh,  






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