3D bulky lumpy dimensional mail

3D bulky lumpy dimensional mail is today’s Wednesday blog topic.

Today we look at two sites as a sample of ideas for 3D mail, of what it is and how to best use it with our own letters.  It is to expand upon Monday’s blog post that shared some ideas to include in your Easter cards.

3D bulky lumpy dimensional mail

While our focus here at AnchoredScraps.com is on encouraging old-style corresponding of our personal mail today’s topic of 3D bulky lumpy dimensional mail can still be helpful with ideas of what to tuck into our letters and it also helps us to have an idea of what may be coming to our mailbox in the future!

In going through sites to prepare for today’s blog topic  I ended up with these two to share as a starting point.   These marketing ideas in the direct mail area are what I found attributed to 3D bulky lumpy dimensional mail.  While there were others I looked at, these are the two sites I selected to share today.

The article Why lumpy mail is a marketing hit by Shaun Cole offers three great things to keep in mind – 1. Get personal, 2. Make it useful, and 3. Think of the logistics.  Their concluding tip was worth paying attention  “Tip: If you’re having your lumpy mail delivered out, make sure you remember to factor in postal costs – it sounds obvious, but we’ve come across a number of companies that have gone seriously over budget because of this simple error.”

Over at the National Mail Order Association they have a nice page that explains the basics of 3D Mail.  They include a set of  8 questions to ask yourself for Creating a Successful 3D Mail Program.  Also they offer a “3D Direct Mail Sales Explosion System” and that includes 27 samples listed: “- Army Man, – Bank Bag Mailer, – Boomerang, – Brain, – Bug, – Car, – Compass, – Dice, – Fish, – Foreign Banknote, – Fortune Cookie, – Frog, – Goo-Goo Eyes, – Magnifying Glass, – Message in a Bottle Mailer, – Million Dollar Bill, – Pacifier, – Peanuts, – Pill Bottle Mailer, – Round TUIT, – Sand Timer, – Silver Platter, – Socks, – Trash Can Mailer, – Treasure Chest Mailer, – Whoopee Cushion, and – X-Ray”.

Think of today’s blog post about 3D bulky lumpy dimensional mail the next time you open your mailbox and see something oddly shaped!   We can even expand on these ideas for being creative with items we send out in our own cards and letters!

This week before Easter has already been going by quickly.   Consider this last call for getting our good intentions Easter cards out the door today and to the Post Office!

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Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today — 

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