Maundy Thursday 2016

Maundy Thursday 2016 finds me beginning an annual addendum to last year’s Maundy Thursday blog post and suggest this weekend we make the time to watch The Waltons “The Easter Story” Season One Finale Episode  from 1973.

When I look at what I posted last year I still love it and hope you will read it along with today’s addendum.  If Easter feels like it is earlier this year you are correct.   We are nine days earlier than last year today and Easter this year is the earliest it has been for almost a decade.

Maundy Thursday 2016

My memories of episodes of The Waltons are of their saying goodnight to each other at the end of the episodes.

Today I’m suggesting we make the time this weekend to watch The Waltons “The Easter Story” (Season 1, Episode 24) which first aired April 19, 1973.

This episode takes place leading up to Easter and was the season finale that First Season.  The plot centers on Olivia (the Mother) being stricken with polio and may never walk again.  It shows how the family including John-Boy deals with accepting and not accepting what the doctors are advising – remember this is set in 1933-34 during the Great Depression.  Watch it and see if it doesn’t inspire you to arrange your schedule to get up early to see a sunrise service for Easter.  

For availability of watching the 1 hour, 40 minutes episode I was able to watch it on Amazon.   In doing a internet schedule search the results show this episode is planned to be aired this Friday on the INSP TV channel.

This 40th Year Reunion of the cast of The Waltons from 2011 was fun to see.

Here’s to wishing you a special and meaningful Triduum, these three days leading up to Easter.


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